Abu Dhabi: Ruling that a female employee is entitled to compensation amounting to 120 thousand dirhams

The Abu Dhabi Family, Civil and Administrative Claims Court mandated a corporation to pay an employee 120,000 dirhams for breaching an employment contract where she was supposed to work for a salary of 37,000 dirhams. After the company requested proof of the termination of her employment with her previous employer, and after she resigned, she was astonished by the company's decision to withdraw her work responsibilities.

A woman filed a lawsuit against a company seeking 187,000 dirhams in compensation. She claims the company offered her a job with a salary of 37,000 dirhams but required her to end her employment with another entity. She resigned from her former work after receiving the offer, waited for the defendant for six months, and was subsequently disregarded, leading to injury as she lost her previous job. She submitted certificates, letter copies, and other papers to the court as evidence for her claim. She submitted a memorandum asking for the dismissal of the lawsuit.

The court clarified in its ruling that the defendant offered the plaintiff a salary of 37,000 dirhams to work for her, which would increase to 40,000 dirhams after a six-month probation period. The plaintiff accepted this offer and requested The defendant must show proof of ending her previous employment with the company she worked for. It has been established that the plaintiff contacted the defendant to ask about her start date at the company, and during the three months before this communication, she was unemployed and had no source of income.

The court concluded that the defendant's mistake was not appointing the plaintiff in accordance with the job offer, which led to her resignation from her previous job. The defendant claimed the government agency refused the appointment due to nationalization requirements, but the court found the defendant responsible for confirming the appointment with the supervising party before the plaintiff resigned.

The court confirmed the defendant's demonstrated mistake led to material and moral damages for the plaintiff, resulting in the loss of her previous position, livelihood, and missed opportunities. The court ordered the defendant to pay the plaintiff 120,000 dirhams and cover all expenses, fees, and charges.

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