UAE: Important statement to citizens and residents when purchasing from sales outlets

Abdullah Sultan Al Fan Al Shamsi, the Assistant Undersecretary of the Ministry of Economy for the Commercial Control and Governance Sector, emphasized the importance of consumers retaining purchase invoices. This is crucial as these invoices serve as a reliable reference in the event of any complaints or disputes between consumers and sales outlets.

The significance of consumer knowledge in shopping was emphasized by Al Shamsi to Emirates Today. It was highlighted that the Ministry, in collaboration with local departments, will conduct subsequent operations and inspection visits in different markets around the country throughout the month of Ramadan.

He emphasized the need of customers promptly reporting any apparent market violations, whether they pertain to pricing exaggerations or violations of consumer protection, in order to ensure prompt and effective resolution and verification.

The individual elucidated that the consumer protection sector in the nation has experienced notable advancements in legislation that align with market dynamics and facilitate broader sectoral coverage. They highlighted that the Ministry is actively pursuing diverse avenues to bolster the consumer protection sector, thereby fostering the implementation of novel initiatives within this domain.

According to Al Shamsi, a notable initiative that has been implemented is the "Code of Conduct" initiative. This initiative aims to enhance the contractual ties between sales outlets and suppliers in the domestic markets. It is currently being developed in anticipation of its launch in the latter half of the current year or the early months of the following year.

He clarified that the Code will serve as a written agreement that reinforces suppliers' dedication to different actions that promote market stability. The speaker highlighted that the National Team for Monitoring Commodity Prices will undertake market monitoring during the month of Ramadan in collaboration with local departments. Furthermore, in the upcoming periods, the initiative will be expanded to encompass multiple stakeholders involved in the supply operations of diverse commodities in the markets. This expansion aims to enhance the scope of control and supervision processes significantly. In the marketplaces.

According to Al Shamsi, the active involvement of consumers in monitoring and reporting violations is a crucial collaboration for promptly addressing any verified violations in the markets. Al Shamsi further highlights that the Ministry receives consumer complaints and suggestions through the designated hotline (8001222).

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