Three travelers demanding Air Canada to pay $5,816 for this reason

Three passengers filed a lawsuit against Air Canada demanding financial compensation after their flights, which stopped in Charlotte and Toronto, were postponed for three days.

Hubert Fisscher, Sandra Broninck, and Sophie Fischer scheduled their travel from Europe to Vancouver, with pauses in Charlotte and Toronto before flying with Air Canada on the final leg from Toronto to Vancouver.

Unfortunately, due to a snowstorm in Toronto, Air Canada was obliged to rebook candidates on another aircraft from Europe to Vancouver, this time via Chicago and Seattle.

The trio claimed they were not handed tickets for the altered route despite being rebooked, leaving them detained in Europe until they could schedule a new trip.

Under the Air Passenger Protection Regulation, all three passengers sought $3,000 from Air Canada, plus an extra $2,816 in compensation for the expense of hotels, transportation, and meals.

The British Columbia Civil Settlement Tribunal partially awarded the passengers' claims, with the final leg of the journey planned to begin on March 3, 2023.

Air Canada canceled the third passenger flight, which was planned to fly from Toronto to Vancouver.

"Air Canada argues that its legal obligation is limited to rebooking applicants on an alternative flight from Toronto to Vancouver, and as the revised itinerary shows, it has not done so," according to the court's decision.

The trio was unable to depart Europe until March 6, and they returned to Vancouver after midnight on March 7.

This means they arrived in Vancouver 62 hours and 29 minutes after the original timetable and 41 hours and 39 minutes after the adjusted itinerary.

While the applicants in this case were unsuccessful in their APPR claim, they were successful in their claims for expenses resulting from Air Canada's conduct, and the three finally received $2,042 each in damages and court fees.

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