Indian customs arrested three for gold smuggling at Cochin airport

Customs officials at Cochin International Airport launched an operation to combat gold smuggling on Saturday, resulting in the seizure of 797 grams of gold and the apprehension of three individuals, one of whom was a woman.

According to a statement from Cochin Customs, the operation targeted passengers arriving from a Gulf country. Among those intercepted was Mithun, a resident of Pattambi, who was found to be carrying 797 grams of gold concealed in three pills. These pills had been ingested by Mithun as a means of evading detection.

In addition to Mithun, another passenger from Malappuram, also arriving from the same Gulf country, was apprehended. This individual had swallowed 1,182 grams of gold, contained within four pill capsules. The discovery of these individuals and the confiscated gold underscore the ongoing efforts of authorities to combat smuggling activities at the airport.

Furthermore, during the operation, customs officials discovered additional contraband in the possession of a woman named Fatima, a resident of Kasaragod who had also arrived from the Gulf country. In addition to the 797 grams of gold seized from Mithun and the 1,182 grams from the other passenger, authorities recovered a gold chain and bangle from Fatima, along with an additional 272 grams of gold.

The interception of these individuals and the confiscation of the smuggled gold demonstrate the vigilance and effectiveness of the customs authorities in detecting and preventing illicit activities at Cochin International Airport. Gold smuggling remains a significant challenge for authorities, particularly given the creative methods employed by smugglers to evade detection.

The coordinated efforts of law enforcement agencies, including customs officials, are essential in combating such criminal activities and safeguarding the integrity of the country's borders. By apprehending individuals involved in gold smuggling and confiscating illicit goods, authorities send a clear message that such illegal activities will not be tolerated and that stringent measures will be taken to uphold the law.

Moving forward, authorities are likely to remain vigilant and proactive in their efforts to curb smuggling activities, employing advanced detection technologies and conducting regular inspections to deter would-be smugglers from exploiting vulnerabilities in the system.

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