Canada: Raising the minimum wage to $15.75 per hour starting in May 2024

The province of Quebec in Canada issued new decisions to raise the minimum wage in the country to 15.75 per hour, starting May 1, 2024.

The Canadian province explained that it took this new decision due to the economic uncertainty that greatly affects the retail and restaurant sectors in the country, in addition to the difficulties facing both sectors, especially after the recent closures.

Beneficiaries of the new decision

According to what was announced by the Ministry of Labor in Quebec, about 200,700 workers, including about 11,200 women, are scheduled to benefit from this new decision.

Canadian Labor Minister Jean Boulet explained during press statements: “It is important to understand that raising wages too much could have a negative impact and put great pressure on employers, leading to the closure of the retail, restaurant and hospitality sectors, which is undesirable.” "With all the negative consequences that this may have on the Quebec economy."

Minister of Labor, Boulayya, added that the latest increase approved by the government will be equivalent to 3.28%, and inflation is higher than expected for the fiscal year 2024-2025, which is 2.3%.

Protecting the population from inflation

The Canadian Minister of Labor noted that the Canadian government has made great efforts to protect the population from inflation, and has taken many measures during the recent period.

The government distributed one-time checks, capped government tariffs, cut taxes and improved tax breaks for seniors in Canada.

Canada's Hourly Wage Effective Dates

In certain regions, the minimum hourly wage will increase in 2024.

  • On April 1, Prince Edward Island's minimum wage will increase by $0.40 to $15.40. On October 1, there will be an additional $0.60 increase, bringing it to $16.
  • As on April 1, Nova Scotia's $15 minimum wage will be hiked by one percent every year in addition to inflation.
  • In line with its usual history of raising the minimum wage at this time of year, Ontario expects to do so on October 1. Currently, Ontario's minimum wage is $16.55 per hour.

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