Canada Imposes Study Permit Cap for 2024 Applicants

Citizenship and Immigration Canada announced the imposition of a maximum limit for study permits on applicants for the year 2024, and explained that it will process up to 606,250 applications for study permits annually.

This number is considered different from the previously mentioned maximum, which is 360,000 approvals for a knowledge permit in Canada. This maximum is considered a regulatory measure in preparation for the application cycle taken by the Canadian Citizenship and Immigration Service for the year 2024.

This IRCC move underlines the need of understanding the precise cap imposed for study visa applications in 2024, as it may have an impact on future candidates. Those navigating the immigration process must be aware of these regulatory changes in order to submit a successful application.

The guidelines supplied by IRCC now include the total number of study permit applications that will be considered for the entire year 2024. In essence, independent of the precise results of each application, the IRCC has set a limit of 606,250 study permit applications to be processed over the following 11 months.

Furthermore, a condition in these rules allows for future changes to the maximum number of study permits that are allowed for processing. It expressly states that the applicant ceiling of 606,250 may be adjusted "in accordance with any subsequent instructions the minister may provide." This indicates that the minister reserves the authority to change the latter number if the IRCC is unable to submit 360,000 approved study permit applications within the permitted processing limit of 606,250 applicants. As a result, the procedure becomes more adaptable and may be changed at the minister's discretion.

The recently set quota of 360,000 research permit permits will be divided among Canadian provinces based on population size. This allocation system, which is intended to benefit the most populous provinces (Ontario, Quebec, and British Columbia), illustrates the link between permit quotas and population size.

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