Canada announces updated Digital Nomads visa requirements

The federal government in Canada has announced an update to the digital nomad visa requirements, as part of its effort to attract businesses and skilled talent to the country.

The Canadian government explained four main components of the conditions related to granting digital nomads a visa, especially after the recent news regarding the introduction of new conditions that would prevent digital nomads from entering the country.

Can digital nomads in Canada be employed by a Canadian company?

The Canadian government allows digital nomads to obtain a visa if they can obtain a work permit, which is a different type of visa offered by the government.

Paperwork required to obtain a digital nomad visa in Canada

  1. Work outside Canada.
  2. You have a job that allows them to work from home.
  3. Show that they have enough money to cover your entire six-month stay in Canada.
  4. Show their connections to Canada by booking accommodation with friends or relatives.

Digital nomads are still required to try to convince a Canadian immigration officer to leave Canada once their period of residency in Canada has expired.

When should digital nomads apply for a work permit?

If digital nomads come across a Canadian employer who wants to hire them for their company, they then need to apply for a work permit in Canada.

How long can digital nomads stay in Canada?

Nomads can move to Manda for a maximum of 6 months at a time, after which digital nomads need visitor status to be able to work remotely for an international employer.

They can also work for themselves as independent contractors or provide services to clients outside Canada.

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