Canada issues new 6-month visa for online workers

The Immigration Department of Canada has issued additional conditions for the Digital Nomad Visa program, which is for foreign workers in Canada, according to what was revealed by the Visa Guide website, regarding updating work permits for workers wishing to work in Canada according to specific conditions.

Under the new regulations, digital nomads can work in Canada even if they only have a vacation visa. A work permit can be obtained if they are employed by a Canadian company.

If you're a digital nomad looking to spend six months in Canada, you'll need visitor status. During this period, they can serve worldwide clients, work remotely for an international business, or be self-employed.

Digital nomads who are interested in working for a Canadian business should be warned by the IRCC that they need a work visa before they can start working.

Important: No additional paperwork is required for digital nomads entering Canada. A separate work or study permit is required in Canada for family members of digital nomads who are working or studying.

Those who are able to operate remotely from any location are referred to as digital nomads by the IRCC. The Canadian government has announced that digital nomads can work remotely for six months with visitor status.

Motivating workers to relocate to Canada for the purpose of gaining experience in the country and, if they like it, making it their permanent home is the goal of this type of visa. This is all a part of the country's larger strategy to attract tech workers and establish itself as a world leader in this industry.

The bearer of this visa can relocate to Canada and reside there if he has a permanent position with a foreign company headquartered outside of Canada and his job is carried out using a "remote work" method.

SUV startup visa for permanent residence in Canada

The Startup Visa program, which was recently issued by the Immigration Department in Canada and is known as the Startup Visa SUV program, is considered one of the most important opportunities for immigrant entrepreneurs to establish a new business, which requires a number of conditions that the applicant must meet to obtain the visa, which are:

1- Owning at least 10% of the voting rights in favor of all shares, or owning 50% of the voting rights in favor of all shares with the supporting company.

2- Obtaining a letter of recommendation from a supporting institution, with the need to prove the presence of risk capital, or a business incubator to support your project, and the need to convince the supporting institution of the project. If the presentation is successful, you will receive a letter of recommendation, with the recommendation letter attached to your visa application. With you.

3- Meeting the language requirements, the necessity of taking a language test from an accredited agency and obtaining a minimum score of 4 on the CLB language proficiency level in English or French.

4- It is also required to prove that you have sufficient funds to support yourself or any other dependents once you arrive in Canada.

It should be noted that the processing period for the application ranges between 12 to 16 months to obtain approval for Canadian residency, and in the event that the project is not successful, the applicant retains his right to permanent residency in Canada.

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