UK pureLiFi launches light-based wireless communication at MWC 2024

Users will enjoy media streaming, video conferencing, and low-latency gaming without having to contend with bandwidth constraints or congestion.

Unsatisfied with your current Wi-Fi connection? Explore LiFi for faster internet speeds. Debuted by UK-based pureLiFi at the Mobile World Congress (MWC 2024) in Barcelona, this novel technology employs light for wireless communication, supplementing existing Wi-Fi networks.

Users will relish minimal latency, congestion-free experiences in gaming, video conferencing, and media streaming, free from the bandwidth competition inherent in Wi-Fi. In contrast to conventional wireless technologies like Wi-Fi and 5G, LiFi utilizes light for wireless communication, surmounting typical limitations such as buffering, congestion, and signal vulnerability.

"Just like Wi-Fi access points, LiFi is also plug-and-play. Users can connect to a network, and within moments, LiFi is operational," remarked Ron Schaeffer, chief strategy officer at pureLiFi. He further elaborated, "Crucially, LiFi isn't susceptible to congestion like Wi-Fi. Each LiFi user enjoys full bandwidth.

For instance, multiple users engaged in video streaming, video calls, or virtual reality gaming concurrently strain Wi-Fi bandwidth. With LiFi, each user has dedicated bandwidth, enhancing the internet experience. LiFi essentially enhances Wi-Fi." Recognized in CES 2024 Tech Trends to Watch, LiFi signifies a significant advancement, harnessing light instead of radio frequencies for wireless communications. LiFi boasts enhanced security compared to Wi-Fi. Transmitting and receiving 1GB of data per second in each direction, a LiFi device can cover an area of 50 square meters, nearly the size of an entire room.

Schaeffer highlighted the security advantages of LiFi, noting that because LiFi signals are unable to penetrate walls, it necessitates having LiFi devices in every room, thereby enhancing security by reducing the risk of signal interception. As he looks forward, Schaeffer sees LiFi as the next frontier in internet connectivity. He points to the overcrowding of the radio spectrum and the ample spectrum available in light as reasons for this belief. Schaeffer expressed enthusiasm about introducing products that address both current and future connectivity challenges.

LiFi is poised to enhance and extend existing wireless technologies, ushering in a new era of bandwidth, speed, and reliable communication," concluded Alistair Banham, CEO of pureLiFi. Moreover, pureLiFi plans to introduce the world's first commercial light antennas, essential optoelectronic components enabling LiFi, for diverse applications spanning from industrial to consumer sectors.

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