UAE weather: Important warning from the weather for 3 days, starting from Wednesday

At some point in the near future, the United Arab Emirates will be impacted by the extension of low air in the southwest, which will be accompanied by a low extension in the upper atmosphere. Additionally, the air stream that passes through the western region will be present, and clouds will originate from the western region at predetermined intervals.

On Wednesday and Thursday, the weather in the United Arab Emirates is expected to be partly cloudy to cloudy, with the chance of light to medium and sometimes heavy precipitation in certain locations, particularly in the northern, eastern, and southern regions. This phenomenon is expected to occur in different sections of the country. On Thursday afternoon, the wind will begin to blow from the northwest, and it will occasionally affect the western portion of the state. This will result in a fall in temperatures, and the clouds will gradually reduce on Thursday evening. After that, the wind will gradually become active.

There is a probability that rain will occur during the day on the following Friday, and there is also a risk that clouds may develop throughout the day in some eastern locations.

It is expected that the wind will be light to moderate in the direction of the southeast, and it will gradually change to the northwest on Thursday. Particularly on the sea and while clouds are present, the wind will be moderate to active and occasionally strong, and it will be exciting for dust and dust.

In spite of the fact that the wave is medium, it has the potential to become extremely annoying to serious sabotage on Thursday in the Persian Gulf. As for the Sea of Oman, it has the potential to be light on average during the night.

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