UAE warns residents of a fine of Dh500,000 and explains the reasons 2024

Individuals who are citizens or residents of the United Arab Emirates are subject to a fine of Dh500,000, and the reasons for the punishment are outlined.

Donations that are solicited in violation of the law in the United Arab Emirates can result in fines ranging from two hundred thousand to five hundred thousand dirhams. In order to regulate the process of fundraising for charitable causes within the nation, the United Arab Emirates has enacted legislation.

UAE warns residents of a fine of Dh500,000

In a statement that was published on social media on Tuesday, the Public Prosecution issued a warning warning against collecting donations without a license.

If an individual is discovered to be responsible for maintaining a website or any other information technology or electronic means to promote the collecting of donations without obtaining an authorization from the relevant organizations, they may be subject to a fine and/or jail time.

According to article 46 of Federal decree legislation No. 34 of 2021 on combating rumors or cybercrimes, licensed companies are not permitted to publish, broadcast, or promote any materials or advertising for fundraising without the consent of authorized authorities. This prohibition applies solely to the promotion of fundraising materials.

Licenced and authorised entities are ones that are established by laws, decisions, or decrees to collect, provide, and receive donations. On the other hand, entities that are authorised to obtain a licence for collecting donations and fundraising through listed charitable organisations in the UAE are the two types of charity entities that are recognized by the law.

The accused may be sentenced to imprisonment and a fine of no less than Dh200,000 and no more than Dh500,000, or they may be subject to any of the two punishments, depending on the outcome of the case.

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