UAE cautions against unstable weather with heavy rain forecast and thunderstorms

The Meteorological Department has issued an advisory anticipating a shift in weather conditions due to the deepening upper-air trough, which is expected to bring scattered showers and increased wind strength.

According to the UAE's weather department, there is a likelihood of enhanced cloud cover, accompanied by light to moderate rainfall and a possibility of heavier downpours with intermittent lightning and thunder, leading to a noticeable decrease in temperatures.

The National Centre of Meteorology (NCM) has projected changes in weather patterns beginning this Sunday, as the deepening upper-air trough influences the region. While the precipitation is expected to diminish by Tuesday evening, cautionary measures have been advised due to potential hazards associated with the weather conditions.

Furthermore, there is a forecast of strong winds, initially from the south-easterly direction, shifting to north-easterly and eventually northwesterly. These winds, categorized as moderate to fresh and potentially accompanied by strong gusts, may result in blowing dust and sand storms, significantly impacting visibility on roads. Motorists are urged to exercise caution and remain vigilant amidst changing weather conditions.

At sea, the Arabian Gulf is expected to experience light to moderate waves, which could escalate to rough to very rough conditions during periods of heavy cloud cover. Similarly, the Oman Sea may witness rough seas, particularly in areas affected by convective clouds.

Previous reports suggested that the country might witness rainfall during the last ten days of March. Coastal areas are anticipated to receive lighter rainfall ranging from 10mm to 40mm, while internal regions may experience heavier precipitation between 50mm and 80mm.

In Abu Dhabi, varying intensities of rainfall are expected, with coastal areas receiving approximately 10mm to 20mm of total precipitation and internal areas receiving between 25mm to 50mm. Similarly, Dubai and Sharjah are forecasted to experience significant rainfall, with coastal areas expecting between 15mm and 50mm of total accumulated precipitation.

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