UAE: The court orders a resident to pay Dh200,000 blood money due to an accident

The Misdemeanor and Criminal Court in the United Arab Emirates ordered a resident to pay 200,000 dirhams as legal blood money, in addition to imprisonment for 4 months due to a traffic accident that led to the death of a person.

The court also ruled to suspend the defendant's driving license for a period of 6 months from the date of execution of the ruling, and to oblige him to pay blood money to the heirs of the deceased, due to the traffic accident caused by the Asian resident, which caused him to run over a man in the Discovery Garden area.

It is noteworthy that the details of the case date back to January of this year 2024, after the police received a report that a person had been run over by a car in the Jebel Ali area.

After the police moved to the scene of the accident, the police discovered that the victim had died as a result of being run over by the car.

After examining the accused, it was found that he was in an abnormal condition and that he was under the influence of alcoholic beverages. He was actually subjected to a medical analysis at the scene of the accident using an inflatable device, which proved that he was under the influence of alcoholic beverages.

The initial planning of the accident site also revealed that the accused drove the car without obeying traffic signs, and as a result of his failure to appreciate the pedestrian road users, he ran over the victim who was standing outside the boundaries of the road.

For his part, the accused said during the police investigations that he saw two children suddenly taking to the road while he was driving his vehicle, and when he tried to avoid them, the vehicle deviated to the shoulder of the road, where the victim was standing.

The Dubai Criminal Court based the merits of the ruling issued against the accused on the fact that the crime of manslaughter requires the presence of three elements: error, damage, and the causal relationship between them.

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