UAE launches a new Sharjah-Muscat bus service, effective February 27

Mwasalat, Oman's National Transport Company, has announced the launch of a new bus service connecting Sharjah and Muscat, with services commencing on February 27.

Under an agreement signed between Mwasalat and Sharjah's Roads and Transport Authority, daily services will be provided, facilitating travel between the two cities via Shinas.

The service will include four trips daily, with two originating from Sharjah and two from Muscat. Passengers will have the option to carry up to 23kg of checked baggage and 7kg of hand baggage. Fares for the journey will range from 10 Oman Rials (equivalent to Dh95.40) to 29 Oman Rials (equivalent to Dh276.66).

The first departure from Sharjah is scheduled for 6:30 am from Al Jubail Bus Station, arriving at Azaiba Bus Station in Muscat by 2:30 pm. Subsequently, the second departure from Sharjah will occur at 4:00 pm, reaching Muscat at 11:50 pm.

Conversely, the initial departure from Muscat will be at 6:30 am, arriving in Sharjah by 3:40 pm. The second departure from Muscat is set for 4:00 pm, with arrival at Al Jubail Bus Station in Sharjah by 1:10 am.

This initiative by Mwasalat and the Sharjah Roads and Transport Authority aims to enhance connectivity and facilitate travel between the UAE and Oman, providing a convenient and affordable transportation option for passengers traveling between the two neighboring countries.

The introduction of this bus service fills a crucial gap in transportation options for travelers between Sharjah and Muscat. By offering daily trips and allowing for significant baggage allowances, the service caters to the needs of both leisure and business travelers. Additionally, the inclusion of Shinas in the route adds convenience and accessibility for passengers traveling between the two cities.

Furthermore, the provision of multiple departure times throughout the day ensures flexibility for travelers, allowing them to choose a schedule that best suits their needs. This, coupled with reasonable fares, makes the bus service an attractive option for individuals looking for cost-effective and efficient travel between Sharjah and Muscat.

Overall, the launch of this new bus service represents a positive step towards improving transportation infrastructure and connectivity in the region, ultimately benefiting residents and visitors alike.

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