UAE Meteorology announces heavy rains and a dust storm expected in some areas

Last week, inhabitants of the United Arab Emirates were treated to beautiful weather as temperatures dropped dramatically after experiencing record rainfall, thunderstorms, and several hailstorms that were suddenly unexpected.

After a week of pleasant temperatures, residents of the United Arab Emirates (UAE) should anticipate heavy rain and dust storms the following week, according to the forecast provided by the National Centre of Meteorology (NCM).

Surface low pressure system

The country is currently being impacted by the effect of a surface low-pressure system that is emanating from the Southwest. This system is also accompanied by an extension of an upper air depression and a westerly trough. According to the weather bureau, this weather phenomenon contributes to the movement of clouds coming from the west.

Weather forecast for next week

During the days of Sunday and Monday, the weather forecast calls for partly cloudy to cloudy conditions, with a possibility of precipitation, which may be heavy in select regions, particularly those located in the north, east, and along the coast. When Monday arrives, temperatures are expected to drop, particularly in western regions of the country.

A move from a southeasterly to a northwesterly direction is anticipated, with winds that range from light to moderate in intensity. These can occasionally become fresh, particularly when the weather is gloomy, which might result in dust and sand being blown around by the wind.

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Both the Arabian Gulf and the Oman Sea are expected to experience sea conditions that range from mild to moderate, with the possibility of getting rough on occasion.

The anticipated weather conditions

The last week's rainfall, as reported by the authorities, is comparable to the amount of precipitation that the United Arab Emirates (UAE) got thirty years ago. The country was flooded as a result of sudden clouds that poured severely, and as a result, employees were instructed to work from home, and schools switched to using alternative learning methods.

Between the 11th and 15th of February, the United Arab Emirates (UAE) carried out 27 cloud seeding operations, with the goal of achieving favorable cloud conditions, which were characterized by strong updrafts and high humidity. Increasing the amount of rainfall in the country was the goal of these missions.

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