UAE authorities caution residents against heavy rain in last 10 days of March

The UAE recently witnessed substantial rainfall, leading to a noticeable drop in temperatures and a prolonged spell of pleasant weather.

With the onset of rising temperatures once more, residents are anticipating the possibility of further rain showers. The renowned weather authority in the UAE, known as the Storm Centre, has issued a forecast indicating the expected rainfall patterns.

According to the forecast, the UAE is projected to receive rainfall during the final ten days of March. The Storm Center has also provided a map illustrating the anticipated distribution of precipitation. Predictions suggest lighter rainfall, ranging between 10mm and 40mm, in coastal regions, while heavier precipitation, between 50mm and 80mm, is expected in inland areas.

Specifically, Abu Dhabi is anticipated to experience varying degrees of rainfall, with coastal regions expected to receive between 10mm and 20mm of rainfall, while inland areas may witness totals ranging from 25mm to 50mm. Similarly, Dubai and Sharjah are forecast to receive considerable rainfall, even along coastal regions, with total accumulated precipitation ranging from 15mm to 50mm.

The official forecast for the upcoming week, as provided by the National Centre of Meteorology, is as follows:

  • Sunday, March 17: The day will be partly cloudy, with occasional cloud cover over the islands and certain coastal and northern areas, with a possibility of light rainfall. Humidity levels may increase during the night and into Monday morning, potentially leading to mist formation in select coastal and inland areas.

  • Monday, March 18: Expect fair to partly cloudy conditions, with intermittent cloud cover in certain western and eastern regions throughout the day. Winds are forecasted to be light to moderate, initially from the northwest and later shifting to the southeast, with speeds ranging from 10 to 20 kmph and reaching up to 30 kmph.

  • Tuesday, March 19: Conditions are expected to be partly cloudy, with occasional cloud cover over the islands and some northern and eastern areas during the night and into Wednesday morning.

  • Wednesday, March 20: A decrease in temperatures is anticipated, particularly in western regions. The night and early morning hours of Thursday may experience increased humidity levels in select inland areas.

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