UAE landmarks illuminate Russian flag in solidarity with victims of terrorism

The UAE has taken a firm stance against the recent wave of criminal activity, strongly condemning these acts and reaffirming its steadfast rejection of all forms of violence and terrorism.

In a demonstration of solidarity with the victims of a horrific terrorist attack that unfolded at a concert hall in Moscow, the country has chosen to illuminate its most iconic landmarks in the colors of the Russian flag.

Among the landmarks bathed in solidarity are the Burj Khalifa, ADNOC Headquarters, Burj Al Arab, and the Dubai Frame. This symbolic gesture comes in the wake of a tragic incident that resulted in the loss of numerous innocent lives and left many others wounded.

The UAE has not hesitated to express its resolute condemnation of these criminal acts and has emphasized its enduring commitment to combating violence and terrorism. Such actions, aimed at undermining security and stability and in violation of international law, are met with unwavering opposition from the UAE.

The decision to illuminate these landmarks serves as a poignant reminder of the UAE's unwavering support for victims of terrorism and its solidarity with nations affected by such atrocities. It underscores the country's commitment to fostering global unity in the face of adversity and its dedication to upholding the principles of peace and security on the international stage.

As the UAE stands in solidarity with Russia and the victims of the tragic attack, it sends a powerful message to the world: that acts of terrorism will not be tolerated and that the country will continue to actively oppose all forms of violence and terrorism. This stance reflects the UAE's unwavering commitment to promoting peace, security, and stability both within its borders and across the globe.

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