UAE issues a decision regarding granting green residency to residents

Within the framework of the existing visa system, the federal authority for identity, citizenship, Customs, and port security has established four requirements that must be met before a skilled worker can be granted environmental residency.

In accordance with the professional categorization and standards that have been recognized by the Ministry of human resources and Emiratization, the authority makes it possible for a foreigner to obtain a residency permit that allows them to work in the nation without the need for a guarantor or employer.

Conditions for obtaining a green residence permit

In addition, the authority stated that in order to be eligible for a green residence permit, a skilled worker must fulfill four requirements. These include the following: "he must obtain a work permit in the country, under an employment contract that is valid in the country, and be from the category of skilled workers at the first, second, or third professional level, from the classification of professions approved by the Ministry of human resources and Emiratization, and the minimum educational level must be a bachelor's degree or its equivalent, and the monthly salary must not be less than fifteen thousand dirhams, or equivalent in other currencies."

Green visa

It is a self-residence permit for an individual or employee, which means that the residence permit is separated from the work permit. This means that the residence permit is on the employee and not on the company. Additionally, it differentiates between work permits and residence visas, with the intention of catering to the requirements of individuals who run their own business and do not work for an employer or sponsor them.

When was the green residence permit issued?

It is a residence permit that was launched in 2021 and it enables the bearer to remain in the country for a period of five years without the necessity for a guarantor, host, or employer sponsor. Additionally, the residence permit is renewable once it has expired.

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