UAE Introduces Eid Al Fitr Holiday Travel Packages, Starting at Dh9,000

Dubai residents are eyeing upcoming travel opportunities, particularly during the anticipated nine-day Eid Al Fitr break in April.

Demand for all-inclusive nine-day holiday packages is surging, reflecting a shift towards outbound travel compared to previous years. dnata Travel reports a notable increase in bookings, with a preference for international travel over staycations.

Similarly, Musafir, an online travel agency, observes a significant rise in inquiries for extended Eid packages, especially among families. The trend towards longer vacations aligns with the school spring break, driving higher demand for travel services.

Passengers prioritize visa affordability and convenience when making reservations with Musafir. UAE citizens prefer visa-on-arrival or expedited e-visa countries because they streamline their trip planning process. Extensive vacation destinations that offer a variety of activities over the course of seven to nine days include combinations such as Azerbaijan and Georgia or Armenia and Georgia. Depending on the duration and destination, all-inclusive arrangements for these vacations cost between Dh9,000 and Dh13,000 per individual.

European countries such as Greece, Switzerland, France, Germany, and Italy are sought after for combined packages, alongside Asian destinations like Japan, Vietnam, Thailand, Singapore, and Malaysia. Travelers often opt for multi-city itineraries within these countries to maximize their experiences. DNATA highlights the Maldives, Thailand, Italy, Mauritius, and the US as top choices for holiday bookings during the Eid break. Long-haul destinations, including those in Asia and the USA, are particularly popular, with travelers booking in advance to secure their preferred accommodations and activities.

Meerah Ketait, head of retail and leisure UAE at dnata, emphasizes the growing interest in destinations like Italy and the USA for the Eid break. Italian cities such as Rome and Venice, as well as US cities like New York City and Las Vegas, are trending among travelers. The allure of tropical climates, accessibility from the UAE, and a variety of attractions contribute to the appeal of these destinations for holidaymakers seeking memorable experiences during the extended break.

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