UAE: Human Resources and Emiratisation warns of fines of up to Dh100,000 for employee-related violations

When it comes to employee-related infractions, the United Arab Emirates' Human Resources and Emiratization Department warns of fines of up to Dh 100,000.

Human Resources and Emiratization punishes companies that commit fraudulent Emiratization violations.

Companies that commit false emiratization violations are subject to repercussions from the Human Resources and Emiratization Department.

These businesses were punished by the government for employing 1,818 people who were found to have violated the laws by seeking to achieve their goals by employing Emiratis in an unlawful manner.

When it is established that a UAE national works in a nominal job without real tasks in order to meet the establishment's required Emiratization targets, or when an Emirati is rehired in the same establishment in order to circumvent data and benefit from the relevant benefits of Emiratization, then the Emiratization is considered to be fake.

Human Resources and Emiratisation Penalties for Emiratisation violations are determined in accordance with UAE law.

Components of Emiratization and Human Resources In accordance with the law of the United Arab Emirates, penalties for violations of emiratization are determined.

In the event that a company is found to be in violation of the law, the company may be subject to a heavy fine ranging from 20,000 to 100,000 dirhams. It is dependent on the severity of the offense and whether or not the case is sent to the public prosecutor.

Fake Emiratization is an obvious violation of Emiratization-related decisions as well as the norms of the Nafis program, according to the Ministry of Human Resources and Environment (MoHRE). Either the Ministry of Human Resources and Employment's call center at 600590000 or the Ministry's smart application can be used to report any breaches that are linked to Emiratization.

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