UAE: Domestic Worker Gratuity Calculation Guide for Resignations

Employees in the UAE are eligible for end-of-service benefits, including domestic workers. While companies typically handle gratuity disbursements through HR departments, families employing housemaids and nannies must navigate the calculations independently.

This can become complex when various factors come into play, such as reasons for resignation or dismissal and contract breaches. To streamline this process, the Ministry of Human Resources and Emiratisation (Mohre) has introduced an online calculator that instantly computes gratuity amounts based on specific circumstances.

To utilize the calculator, individuals need to follow a straightforward procedure:

Step 1: Have the job contract readily available, as details about the domestic worker's employment are required.

Step 2: Visit Mohre's official website and access the 'Domestic Workers Calculator' under the 'Services' tab.

Step 3: Fill out the basic details in the provided form, including the contract's start and end dates, the worker's salary, and the reason for their departure. Options for reasons include contract termination, resignation, or dismissal, with corresponding adjustments to the total allowances.

Step 4: Enter any unpaid allowances owed to the domestic worker, such as annual leave salary, weekend allowances, or compensation for work-related injuries. Specific details regarding the injury's severity, indicated by the disability percentage, should be provided.

Step 5: Review the calculated amount displayed in the 'total allowances' box. A positive figure indicates the amount owed to the domestic worker, while a negative value signifies the amount owed by the worker to the employer, typically in cases of contract breach.

This online calculator simplifies the process of determining end-of-service benefits for domestic workers, ensuring compliance with labor regulations and fair compensation practices. By leveraging this tool, employers can accurately calculate and fulfill their obligations towards domestic workers, promoting transparency and fairness in employment arrangements.

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