UAE Court Rejects Employee Lawsuit Over Unauthorized Credit Card Usage

An employee of a company has filed a lawsuit against the company owner and four officials, alleging exploitation and unauthorized spending of 49,500 dirhams from his credit card. Although they admitted to the withdrawal and paid back 13,500 dirhams, they refused to settle the remaining debt of 35,900 dirhams.

After thorough examination and expert analysis of documents, the Dubai Civil Court ruled in favor of the plaintiff, obliging three defendants, including the company owner, to pay the outstanding amount along with legal interest.

According to court records, the plaintiff, in his claim, asserted that he was coerced by the defendants into obtaining a credit card, under the false pretense that no transactions would occur. However, they proceeded to use the card without his consent, prompting legal action after failed attempts at amicable settlement.

The defendants, acting as agents for the company where the plaintiff worked, transferred amounts to the plaintiff's credit card to safeguard his interests due to issues with the company. The company owner acknowledged responsibility for the card.

Upon review, the court appointed an expert to assess the case, who determined that the third defendant was fully aware of his obligation to cover the credit card balance and had already made partial payments. Therefore, he was liable for the remaining balance of 35,900 dirhams.

The expert found evidence that the credit card was issued with the plaintiff's knowledge and approval but was utilized by another individual with the plaintiff's consent. Despite negotiations for installment payments, the plaintiff remained liable to the bank for transactions unless reported missing, which did not occur.

Additionally, a declaration from the company owner, appended to the case, acknowledged responsibility for the outstanding amount.

The court concluded that the plaintiff failed to prove the responsibility of the first and fourth defendants but held the second and third defendants, along with the company owner, accountable for the unauthorized spending, ordering them to pay the plaintiff the owed amount of 35,900 dirhams.

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