UAE Court Orders two Women to Pay 40,000 AED in compensation for insulting a man

The Al Ain Court of First Instance decreed that two women were required to provide a man with a sum of 40,000 dirhams in restitution for defaming him during a telephone conversation, following their conviction on criminal charges related to the same offense.

Specifically, a man initiated legal proceedings, seeking the court's intervention to compel two women to jointly compensate him with an amount totaling 40,000 dirhams. He also requested that they cover legal fees and expenses. The plaintiff alleged that the defendants had insulted him over the phone, tarnishing his reputation and dignity by making false accusations against him.

This slanderous act, he argued, brought shame to his family's reputation and served an unlawful purpose. The defendants had already been convicted of this offense in a criminal trial. However, the defendants' representative submitted a motion requesting dismissal of the case, citing a prior agreement, while also seeking reimbursement for legal fees and expenses.

In its verdict, the court reviewed the evidence and determined that the defendants had indeed committed the offense of insulting the plaintiff. This illegal behavior formed the basis of both criminal and civil lawsuits. Therefore, the court established the necessary connection between the criminal conviction and the civil claim, attributing the act to the defendants.

Regarding the compensation claim, the court referenced the Civil Transactions Law, which holds individuals accountable for any harm they cause to others, irrespective of intent. The defendants' wrongdoing had resulted in psychological, legal, and financial harm to the plaintiff. Thus, there existed a causal link between their actions and the damages incurred by the plaintiff, warranting compensation.

The court ordered the first defendant to pay 20,000 dirhams in compensation to the plaintiff, with the second defendant similarly obliged to pay an equal sum. Additionally, the defendants were instructed to cover all legal expenses. All other requests were dismissed.

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