UAE court orders man to pay 23,500 AED for fake certificate scam

The Al-Ain Court of First Instance has issued a verdict compelling a man to reimburse a student with a sum of 23,500 dirhams.

This amount was unlawfully obtained by the man after deceiving the student into believing he could facilitate English language exams and procure an IELTS certification, the defendant was found guilty of forging an EMSAT certificate in the student's name. Moreover, the court has mandated the defendant to provide the plaintiff with 3,000 dirhams in compensation for both material and emotional damages incurred.

The legal proceedings commenced when a student initiated legal action against an individual, seeking restitution of 23,500 dirhams along with compensation totaling 15,000 dirhams for material and emotional losses. This demand stemmed from the defendant's fabrication of an EMSAT certificate falsely attributed to the plaintiff. The defendant received payment of 23,500 dirhams from the plaintiff under the guise of providing educational services aimed at aiding the plaintiff in passing the English language examination and obtaining an IELTS certification. However, the defendant failed to fulfill the promised services, and he also withheld the payment, leading to his conviction under criminal charges.

In the absence of the defendant's appearance and failure to provide evidence absolving him of the financial obligation, the court determined that the defendant remains indebted to the plaintiff for the claimed amount. As a result, the court upheld the plaintiff's claim for reimbursement.

Regarding the compensation sought for material and emotional losses totaling 15,000 dirhams, the court recognized the defendant's wrongdoing in fabricating the EMSAT certificate, which resulted in both material and emotional harm to the plaintiff. The court acknowledged the causal link between the defendant's actions and the resulting damages, thus obligating the defendant to provide compensation. Consequently, the court awarded the plaintiff 3,000 dirhams as compensation for all damages incurred.

In its final ruling, the court mandated the defendant to pay the plaintiff a total of 26,500 dirhams, inclusive of the reimbursement amount and compensation for damages, along with associated legal expenses. All other requests were dismissed by the court.

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