UAE court orders an employee to pay 328,285 dirhams for embezzlement

The Al Ain Court of First Instance recently issued a ruling requiring an employee to reimburse her employer a sum of 328,285 dirhams.

This amount had been provided to the employee for the purpose of purchasing waste paper from suppliers. However, it was discovered that she had misappropriated the funds for her own use.

In this legal case, a company initiated a lawsuit seeking the recovery of 328,285 dirhams from an employee. The company also requested the payment of legal interest at a rate of 9% annually, along with fees and expenses, including attorney’s fees. The plaintiff argued that the defendant, who was employed by the company, had been entrusted with 491,786 dirhams to procure waste paper from suppliers. However, instead of fulfilling her responsibilities, she unlawfully retained a portion of the funds for herself.

The court examined the evidence presented in the case, including the defendant's criminal conviction for embezzlement. It was established that the defendant had indeed misappropriated the sum of 328,285 dirhams belonging to the plaintiff company. Despite being given the opportunity to refute or provide evidence to counter these allegations, the defendant failed to do so. Consequently, the court found in favor of the plaintiff, ordering the defendant to repay the embezzled amount.

The ruling stipulated that the defendant must reimburse the plaintiff company the sum of 328,285 dirhams as per the findings of the court. Additionally, the defendant was held responsible for covering the fees and expenses associated with the legal proceedings. The court rejected any further requests from the defendant, affirming the plaintiff's right to restitution of the misappropriated funds.

This case highlights the legal consequences of embezzlement and underscores the importance of upholding trust and integrity in employment relationships. Employers entrust their employees with resources and funds for specific purposes, and any breach of this trust can have serious legal ramifications. The ruling serves as a reminder of the accountability individuals hold in their professional roles and the legal recourse available to address instances of misconduct or wrongdoing.

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