UAE Authority urge drivers not to go out unless necessary in Abu Dhabi

The Directorate of Traffic and Security Patrols at Abu Dhabi Police issued a cautionary advisory, urging drivers to exercise caution and limit unnecessary travel.

Emphasizing the importance of safety during adverse weather conditions, drivers were advised to refrain from venturing out unless absolutely necessary. Specific precautions were highlighted, including avoiding areas prone to water accumulation and valleys, steering clear of exposed electrical wiring lines, open spaces, and tree-lined areas during rainfall.

Adherence to safety protocols and instructions was underscored as crucial for the well-being of all road users. Drivers were reminded to prioritize safe driving practices and maintain focus on the road amidst changing weather patterns. Compliance with designated speed limits, activation of speed reduction systems on roads, and maintaining a safe distance from other vehicles were emphasized as essential measures for safe driving.

Furthermore, drivers were urged to exercise caution when navigating corners, avoiding sudden braking to prevent skidding, and pulling over to the side of the road if visibility becomes compromised. It was stressed that adherence to safety regulations, especially during inclement weather, is paramount to preventing accidents and ensuring the safety of all road users.

The advisory also cautioned against reckless driving behaviors such as speeding, carelessness, and drifting, emphasizing the associated risks and the importance of adhering to traffic laws at all times. The Directorate of Traffic and Security Patrols' overarching message was one of vigilance, responsibility, and adherence to safety protocols to reduce the potential dangers posed by unfavorable weather conditions and unsafe driving behaviors.

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