UAE: Announcing good news for citizens and residents during the holy month of Ramadan

Union Coop has introduced its Ramadan campaign for 2024, focusing on lowering prices for 4,000 essential food and consumer goods during the upcoming Ramadan month. The Cooperative is also committed to maintaining reduced and stable prices as part of this initiative.

During a press conference at its management headquarters in Al Warqa City Mall, the CEO of Union Coop, Mohammed Al Hashemi, stated that one of the organization's ongoing objectives is to be a fundamental component of the governorate. Regarding the cost of consumer items during Ramadan and their consistency due to promotional efforts; A significant amount of funds has been designated for the Ramadan promotional campaign aimed at lowering costs of 4,000 food and consumer items. The Cooperative will offer a substantial quantity of products at wholesale prices, alongside the continuous price stability initiative.

He stated that Union Coop has designated 11 diverse promotional campaigns for Ramadan offers. This includes the Shop and Win campaign, where shoppers have the chance to win 14 cars with purchases worth 200 dirhams. He mentioned that Union Coop will introduce new offers every week for different product categories. Chosen products include of food and beverages, technology equipment, and domestic things.

The campaign will be accessible in all branches and commercial centers associated with the cooperative in Dubai, totaling 27 branches and seven commercial centers, as well as on the website and the smart store. These Ramadan campaigns commenced in early February and will run until after Eid Al Fitr. Fortunate.

He mentioned that throughout Ramadan, there are promotional campaigns with savings of up to 75%. These deals cover essential food items such as grains, meat, chicken, canned goods, fruits, vegetables, and special Ramadan products.

Al Hashemi stated that the Ramadan campaign offers various products tailored to the cultural and demographic diversity of the country. The "Cooperative" will provide a delivery service for purchases made through its application and website, ensuring orders are delivered within 45 minutes for specific items, following the necessary procedures and requirements.

He expressed that Union Coop's primary objective is to grow, disseminate, utilize cutting-edge technologies and systems, and enhance Saudization rates in line with a carefully devised plan to execute the directives of the nation's astute leadership. The aim is to broaden the customer base, safeguard them, bolster price stability, and uphold market equilibrium through marketing initiatives. Generating substantial and consistent earnings for shareholders annually, thereby promoting the country's social and economic progress.

He highlighted the introduction of a series of stores named "Coop" that feature innovative shopping ideas, consisting of four retail locations and one branch of the "Mini Coop" chain. He emphasized that "Union Coop" is the initial consumer cooperative in the Middle East to incorporate the concept of intelligent shopping in its stores. Several branches of the company offer customer escort services.

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