UAE announces the disbursement of February pensions date to beneficiaries

The UAE General Authority for Pensions and Social Insurance declared the disbursement of pensions for the current month of February tomorrow

The General Pensions and Social Security Authority has revealed that the disbursement of pensions for February will amount to over 760 million dirhams, a notable increase from the previous year's allocation. This financial support is crucial for thousands of beneficiaries, providing them with essential income to support their livelihoods and meet their needs.

With a total of 47,724 beneficiaries set to receive pensions this month, the authority ensures that a growing number of individuals are provided for, representing an increase of 1,780 beneficiaries compared to the previous year. This demonstrates the authority's commitment to expanding its reach and providing support to a wider population of retirees and beneficiaries.

The disbursement applies to a variety of people, including civilians who fall under the Federal Law No. 7 of 1999 for Pensions and Social Security and those whose pension files are under the Authority for the Ministry of Finance's management. These disbursements are essential for maintaining social welfare and security, ensuring that retirees and beneficiaries can lead dignified lives during their retirement years.

The increase in disbursement compared to the previous year reflects the authority's dedication to addressing the evolving needs of pensioners and beneficiaries. It underscores the importance of continually assessing and adjusting pension provisions to keep pace with economic changes and ensure adequate support for retirees and their families.

This announcement highlights the Authority's ongoing efforts to fulfill its mandate of providing reliable and sustainable pension benefits to eligible individuals across the country. By disbursing pensions in a timely and efficient manner, the authority plays a vital role in supporting the welfare of retirees and contributing to the overall stability of society.

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