UAE announces reduced speed limits on some roads due to Dense fog

Early Saturday morning, dense fog enveloped the country, following forecasts by the National Centre of Meteorology (NCM) predicting lower temperatures and heavy rains in the upcoming week.

The NCM issued a red alert warning of reduced horizontal visibility that could get worse intermittently in the dense fog. Sheikh Zayed Road witnessed diminished visibility, prompting message boards to advise motorists to reduce speed and activate fog lights for enhanced safety.

In addition to Sheikh Zayed Road, Dubai Marina and Jumeirah Lakes Towers were also blanketed in fog, creating an ethereal atmosphere as clouds seemed to descend upon the high-rise buildings characteristic of the area. Abu Dhabi Police issued multiple advisories and implemented reduced speed limits on several roads to encourage motorists to drive cautiously in the challenging conditions.

The dense fog extended its reach to Sharjah, casting a white veil over the city and prompting residents to don jackets as they ventured out for their morning routines. As the day progressed, the National Centre of Meteorology forecasted a fair to partly cloudy day, with cloud cover expected to increase by nightfall over coastal and northern regions. Light to moderate winds were predicted, with a chance of light rainfall anticipated on Sunday morning.

Despite the foggy start, temperatures were projected to rise throughout the day, reaching highs of 30 oC across the country. Abu Dhabi and Dubai were expected to experience temperatures of 29 oC and 28 oC, respectively. Conversely, temperatures could dip as low as 20 oC in Abu Dhabi, 19 oC in Dubai, and as low as 7 oC in mountainous regions.

Humidity levels were forecast to range from 35 to 75 percent in Abu Dhabi and from 55 to 90 percent in Dubai. Sea conditions were expected to remain mild in the Arabian Gulf and the Oman Sea, ensuring relatively calm waters for maritime activities.

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