The UAE warns everyone and issues new fines and violations... Details

United Arab Emirates: A new list of fines and violations that lead to your car being impounded

With the intention of informing motorists of the modifications to the legislation, the Ras Al Khaimah Police Department made an announcement on March 6, 2024, regarding new rules concerning the impoundment of vehicles.

UAE warns everyone and issues new fines and violations

'Executive Council Resolution No. (2) of 2024 addressing some occurrences of car seizure' is the caption that has been attached to these instances that have been posted on Instagram by the authorities.

Look at the whole list that is provided below:

  • Driving a vehicle without a driving license – for the first offence: 30 days impoundment, Dh3,000 penalty to release vehicle; for repeated violation within the same year: vehicle to be impounded for 60 days, Dh6,000 penalty to release vehicle
  • Riding a motorcycle or electric bike dangerously – 15 days impoundment, Dh2,000 penalty to release vehicle
  • Riding a regular bicycle in a way that poses a threat to others – 15 days impoundment, Dh500 penalty to get vehicle back
  • Loading water without a license – 30 day vehicle impoundment for the first offence, along with a penalty of Dh1,000 to retrieve vehicle; on repeated offence in same year, 60 day impoundment, Dh2,000 to release vehicle
  • Riding a recreational bike in unauthorised areas or driving it dangerously – 90-day seizure of vehicle with Dh3,000 penalty to retrieve a vehicle
  • Participating in a procession – penalty ranges from Dh1,000 to Dh10,000 dirhams, as indicated by the decision of the Commander-in-Chief or between 15 and 120 days of vehicle impoundment
  • Racing on the road without prior police clearance can fetch violators a penalty of Dh10,000 or receive 90 days of vehicle impoundment
  • Racing on the road without a license plate or with a fake one – 120 days vehicle impoundment, Dh20,000 to retrieve
  • Parading in sandy, coastal, or tourist areas that endangers lives – vehicle to be impounded for 120 days, Dh10,000 to retrieve the vehicle
  • Posting or re-posting a vehicle committing a traffic violation – vehicle impoundment for 60 days, Dh5,000 to retrieve
  • Counterfeiting number plates – 60-day impoundment, Dh5,000 for retrieval
  • Covering number plate – 30-days impoundment, Dh5,000 for retrieval
  • Place reflective stickers on the vehicle or shade it while moving or standing – 30 days of vehicle impoundment, Dh3,000 penalty to release vehicle
  • Modifying a vehicle to increase speed or noise – 60 days of vehicle impoundment with Dh5,000 penalty to release it
  • Intentionally hitting a police vehicle – Vehicle to be impounded 120 days with a penalty of Dh10,000 to release the vehicle
  • Driving a motor vehicle in a condition that damages the environment or in tourist areas – Vehicle to be impounded for 30 days, penalty for Dh3,000 to release vehicle; for a repeated offence: 60 days impoundment, Dh6,000 penalty for release
  • Parking a vehicle at construction sites without reason – for first offence: 30-day impoundment, Dh3,000 for vehicle retrieval; for repeated offence: 60-day impoundment, Dh6,000 penalty to release vehicle
  • The value of fines imposed exceeds Dh10,000 – 30 days impoundment, to retrieve the vehicle, the owner must pay the due fines
  • In cases that have been determined by the Commander-in-Chief, a vehicle can be impounded for not more than 60 days and a penalty of no more than Dh5,000 can be imposed
  • Display vehicles for sale in other countries – 10 days of vehicle impoundment or to retrieve the vehicle Dh1,000 penalty
  • Violation of any of the electronic cases determined by the Commander-in-Chief – the vehicle must be impounded for the earlier ruled, or pay a penalty between Dh100 and Dh5,000.
  • Abandoned vehicles will be impounded for 15 days, to retrieve the same violators must pay Dh1,000.

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