The UAE launches subscription for public parking for 166 dirhams per month for these areas

A new type of subscription for public parking in the city of Sharjah in the United Arab Emirates to meet the needs of various segments of society and residents of the uae.

During the recent period, Sharjah Municipality aims to provide smart solutions to serve public parking, through these new subscriptions to save time and effort for residents and citizens.

One-month subscriptions for only 166 dirhams

The new subscription announced by Sharjah Municipality includes a person’s subscription for two regions only for 166 dirhams for one month only.

Sharjah Municipality in the UAE also offers another type of seasonal subscription, where subscriptions start from 10 up to 12 months.

It also included personal and commercial subscriptions revealed by the Sharjah Municipality, for all areas in the city of Sharjah or two specific areas.

Discounts on public parking subscriptions in the Sharjah

Sharjah Municipality also offers discounts to a number of groups in the UAE, which include retired citizens, the elderly, citizens living in areas subject to fees, university students, and government employees in the city of Sharjah.

In addition to subscription discounts for beneficiaries of the services of the Department of Social Services in Sharjah, beneficiaries of the Department of Community Development, and holders of the Protectors of the Nation card and the Wafer card.

public parking subscription
public parking subscription in Sharjah

Simplify parking procedures

An option to sign up for free parking memberships in Sharjah was made available to anyone who are motivated to do so in the previous year. Because they were able to provide them with this service, they were able to streamline the parking procedure, which in turn supported an environment that was more accessible and inclusive in public spaces.

Digital parking system

Members who have membership cards are able to utilize this service to gain access to free public parking and to digitally link their parking to the parking system. This service is also available to members who have membership cards. Those individuals who are eligible for parking benefits are now able to obtain their advantages through the adoption of this virtual connection method. This eliminates the need for them to physically place the card on the windshield of their own vehicles.

Eliminate the necessity of the client physically attending the municipal office

The method was made more user-friendly for the consumer by the authority, which did this by removing the necessity that the customer physically attend the office of the municipality. It is now feasible for those who meet the requirements to finish the entire procedure online (online completion).

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