The UAE issues clarification regarding residents traveling abroad

The United Arab Emirates provides clarification on the matter of residents traveling overseas.

Though I have finished renewing my residence visa, the renewal of my Emirates ID is still in the process of being processed. Will I be able to go to other countries?

A valid residence visa for the UAE

Regarding your inquiry, if you are a resident of the United Arab Emirates and you possess a valid residency visa for the UAE, you are permitted to travel outside of the UAE.

Emirates residency card application form

If you are traveling outside of the United Arab Emirates, you are permitted to bring a copy of the application form for your UAE residence ID card with you. This copy can be presented to immigration officials in the event that they request your resident ID card. Due to the fact that you have submitted this application for a UAE resident ID card, it will be clear that you have applied for it.

In addition, you have the option of displaying the online status of your application for a resident card in the United Arab Emirates, as the Government of the United Arab Emirates provides the capacity for tracking applications.

Five steps to receive your ID card

Recall that the Federal Authority for Identity, Citizenship, Customs, and Ports Security had earlier urged clients to consider completing five steps in order to receive their ID card as soon as possible.

It entails completing the residency and health insurance requirements on time, providing the accurate phone number of the recipient of the transaction, submitting documents that are at least six months valid, and, in the event that the transaction is returned for amendment, implementing the necessary changes within the allotted time frame within 30 days of the date of return.

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