The UAE issues a thunderstorm warning over Al Ain and Abu Dhabi

Over Al Ain and Abu Dhabi, the United Arab Emirates has issued a thunderstorm warning.

Al Ain has been issued a hailstorm alert, and sections of Abu Dhabi are expected to experience bad weather conditions.

In advance of the weather forecast for Wednesday and Thursday, the authorities issued a number of safety advisories.

On Wednesday, the United Arab Emirates Meteorological Department issued a hailstorm notice for Al Ain and forecasted that areas of Abu Dhabi would experience light to heavy rain.

In addition, the National Centre of Meteorology (NCM) predicted that Al Ain and the southern regions of the Al Dhafra region would experience winds that ranged from brisk to strong on Thursday.

The National Center of Meteorology warns of bad weather in the Emirates.

The Emirates are expected to see severe weather, according to the National Center of Meteorology.

The forecast for the period beginning on Wednesday, February 28, and ending on Friday, March 1, was included in the advisory that was released on Tuesday.

Residents have been strongly encouraged to take all necessary precautions and adhere to the regulations and instructions provided by the local authorities in the event that hail occurs.

UAE authorities issue important instructions to drivers due to rain.

Because of the rain, the authorities in the UAE have issued vital instructions to drivers.

Additionally, drivers have been cautioned to adhere to safety procedures whenever it is raining.

The Metropolitan Police Department appealed to motorists to refrain from driving unless it was absolutely necessary. Drivers are expected to drive with prudence, maintain vigilance, and remain aware in the event that they are unable to avoid driving. In addition, it was recommended that drivers activate their low-beam headlights if there was a decrease in visibility.

The Ministry of Interior earlier issued an advisory as a result of the ongoing meteorological conditions that are present throughout the nation. According to reports, the United Arab Emirates (UAE) is currently experiencing strong winds, varied intensities of rainfall, and occasionally hail, lightning, and thunder.

As a result of the limited horizontal visibility, it was recommended that drivers exercise caution and slow down while driving on the roads. In addition, the government recommended that motorists steer clear of water ponds and streams that move quickly. In addition to this, it recommended drivers park their vehicles in safe locations that were away from the hail.

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