The UAE intends to reduce school hours in the coming weeks

In the following weeks, the United Arab Emirates plans to limit the number of hours that schools are open.

There are several parts of life that vary throughout the holy month, including work hours, school schedules, and paid parking hours. The everyday routines of people are also altered during this time.

School schedules in the UAE during Ramadan.

In the United Arab Emirates, the school schedules extend throughout the month of Ramadan.

It is common practice to reduce the length of the school day to five hours every day. It is important to note that during the first three weeks of the holy month, the majority of schools will be closed this year. It is anticipated that institutions will be closed during this time period for either the spring break or the end-of-term break.

Ramadan Iftar meals in the Emirates.

During the month of Ramadan, the meal known as iftar is extremely significant because it is the meal that breaks the fast made throughout the day following the Maghrib call to prayer. At Iftar, it is customary for members of the family and close friends to get together and have a delicious meal. In order to accommodate the particular event, a number of hotels and restaurants in Dubai offer feasts and special Iftar menus. ion, a great number of eateries provide tempting deals and discounts for meals that are served during the Iftar meal.

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