The UAE grants a multiple entry visa to Indians for a 5-year

The Department of Economy and Tourism in Dubai announced the provision of a multiple entry visa for Indian citizens wishing to come to the UAE for tourism for a period of 5 years.

Check in more than once for their care

This new visa allows tourists coming from India to the United Arab Emirates to enter several times under their sponsorship. The new visa also allows them to reside in the Emirates for a period of 90 days initially, and this visa can be extended once, for a total of 180 days maximum within one year.

Those eligible for the new tourist visa

As we mentioned at the beginning of the news, holders of Indian passports can apply for the new tourist visa.

It is also required that the passport of those applying for a new tourist visa must be valid for 6 months from the date of submitting the application.

Documents required to obtain a tourist visa in the UAE for Indians

  • A recent passport size photo.
  • A valid health insurance policy covering your stay in the United Arab Emirates.
  • Proof of sufficient funds – Bank statement reflecting a minimum balance of USD 4,000 (or equivalent) for the last 6 months.
  • Proof of continuing flight (airline ticket) from Dubai.
  • Proof of residence (hotel reservation or accommodation address) in Dubai.

Advantages of the new tourist visa in the UAE

  • Validity: 5 years
  • Entries: Multiple entries
  • Length of stay: 90 days per visit, extendable for another 90 days (maximum total stay 180 days per year)
  • Processing time: 2-5 business days

How to apply for a tourist visa in the UAE

  1. Digital channels (website/smart application):
  2. Log in to the smart services system using UAE Pass or your username.
  3. Search for the required service to apply for.
  4. Provide the necessary application information, if available.
  5. Pay the service fee, if necessary.

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