The UAE evacuated some residents due to the strong storm and heavy rain

Due to the intense storm and the severe rain, the United Arab Emirates evacuated some of its people.

The extent of the damage was evaluated by teams that went to the region, and they identified properties that were declared uninhabitable.

There were 61 families that were forced to leave their homes in Sharjah and relocate to hotels.

61 people had to move to safer locations as a result of the torrential rain that hit Sharjah's eastern region. It was stated on Wednesday by the Sharjah Housing Department that families who were displaced as a result of the rains that occurred in the emirate have been moved and given shelter in four different hotels.

A total of 346 individuals were included in the 61 Emirati families. Among the total number of families, there were 56 families that were given refuge in the city of Kalba. Additionally, three families were supplied with shelter in the city of Dibba Al Hisn, and two families were provided with shelter in Khor Fakkan.

While this was going on, technical teams went to the sites and evaluated the residences that had been damaged. They conducted an assessment of the extent of the damage, identified buildings that were declared uninhabitable or at risk of collapsing, and gave assistance until plans could be made for permanent lodging.

Sharjah residents are wary of heavy rains.

Residents in Sharjah are concerned about the possibility of severe rains.

According to the National Centre of Meteorology (NCM), the emirate is experiencing heavy rainfall, which prompted a weather advisory to be issued to residents, urging them to remain attentive. According to the Met Department's forecast, there will be showers in certain eastern regions with low clouds.

Wadis that are overflowing and roads that are underwater are depicted in videos that were shot, making it impossible for cars to navigate the area. In addition, the industrial region of Kalba was prone to flooding and was totally devoid of people.

Sharjah Police issues a statement regarding the displacement of some residents due to the rain.

The Sharjah Police Department reported that more than 700 people in the eastern portion of the country were forced to evacuate their homes as a result of the torrential rains, hail, thunder, and lightning that struck the country on Monday.

As a result of the devastation that the storm did to their homes, they were compelled to leave in order to better protect themselves. The authority confirmed this information by stating that all 707 residents received temporary shelter. During the day, the Sharjah Police Department responded to almost 21,000 calls, which was a result of the unstable weather that was sweeping across the country.

The Sharjah Civil Defense organization advised locals to avoid taking any risks by crossing or standing in the stream.

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