The UAE begins closing some major roads in Abu Dhabi until April 30

The United Arab Emirates plans to close several main roadways in Abu Dhabi until the 30th of April.

More than fifteen days ago, the United Arab Emirates (UAE) started blocking parts of Abu Dhabi's major highways.

Abu Dhabi announces the partial closure of some roads for a long period of time.

The city of Abu Dhabi has announced that certain roadways will be partially closed for an extended period of time.

Abu Dhabi has just stated that a portion of the roads will be closed for more than fifteen days.

According to the authority, it will be closed from the 15th of March until the 30th of April.

A crucial route in Abu Dhabi will be partially closed beginning on Friday, according to the Integrated Transport Centre in Abu Dhabi, which has alerted motorists of the shutdown.

Abu Dhabi issues instructions to drivers due to the closure of some roads.

In light of the fact that certain highways have been closed, Abu Dhabi has issued directions to motorists.

Beginning on Friday, March 15, and continuing through Tuesday, April 30, the authority has announced that there will be a partial road closure on the E16 Al Taf Road towards Al Ain.

The authorities have reminded motorists to drive carefully and to abide by all traffic laws and regulations.

The Integrated Transport Center in Abu Dhabi had a map released that detailed the highways that were closed as well as the alternate routes that were available.

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