The UAE authorities issue a decision regarding working hours in Ramadan

The Federal Authority for Human Resources in the United Arab Emirates has set the official working hours for employees in the federal government sector in the holy month of Ramadan 2024.

According to the statement issued by Federal Government Human Resources, the official working hours begin at 9:00 am and end at 14:30 pm UAE time, starting next Monday until Thursday.

It is also scheduled that the working hours during the month of Ramadan will be on Friday from 9:00 am until 12:00 pm UAE time, and employees whose work nature requires otherwise are excluded.

In a related context, the Federal Authority for Human Resources has confirmed that federal employers and ministries can continue to implement the flexible work regulations approved by them during working days in the holy month of Ramadan in accordance with the principles contained therein, and within the limits of the approved daily working hours.

The Authority also gives flexibility to employees working for ministries and federal entities to work remotely on Fridays during the month of Ramadan, at a rate not exceeding 70% of the entity’s total number of employees, in accordance with the approved controls.

In the end, the Federal Authority for Human Resources in the United Arab Emirates extended its highest congratulations and blessings to the leadership, government and people of the United Arab Emirates, the residents of its land, and the Arab and Islamic nations, asking God Almighty to return this occasion to them while they enjoy good health and wellness.

It is worth noting that the Center for Astronomical Research in the Emirates has reported that, based on astronomical calculations, it is scheduled to be next Sunday, which falls on the tenth of next March, which is the 29th day of the holy month of Shaban. From an astronomical standpoint, it is expected to be the first day of the month. Ramadan is Sunday, March 10, 2024.

It is also scheduled, based on what was reported by the Center for Astronomical Research, that the final confirmation of the beginning of the month of Ramadan for the year 2024 in the UAE will be made based on what is monitored by the Ramadan Crescent Monitoring Committee in Mecca, which will announce confirmation of the sighting of the crescent either on Sunday or Monday. .

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