The UAE announces the categories exempted from fines for delaying the ID card

A federal institution that is responsible for identity, citizenship, customs, and port security has established the categories of individuals who are free from late fees that are associated with the Emirates ID card.

A certain series of straightforward actions that can be followed in order to submit an exemption service application in a straightforward manner, either through the official website or the uaeicp smartphone application.

" who left the state and has been leaving for more than three months, and the validity period of the identity card expired after leaving the state" is one of the groups that are included in this category. whose identification card has expired as a result of being deported as a result of an order, an administrative decision, or a judicial ruling, or whose passport is being detained awaiting cases, provided that this is proven by a book or a receipt issued by the competent authorities that deported him or stopped him pending cases. who did not receive a state-issued identification card during the time period prior to attaining citizenship in the state and prior to obtaining the Registration Summary.

Steps to submit an application for the service

According to her explanation, there are a few steps involved in the application process for the service. One of these steps is "applying for issuing or renewing an identity card through smart channels." After that, the customer is presented with the fees that are due on the Emirates ID card, which includes the delay fees. If the customer falls into one of the categories that are exempt from paying late fines, then the customer will submit the service request through the smart services system, attach the necessary documents to obtain the service, follow up on the request, obtain the result of the request, which will be approval or rejection, and then finish the application with an identification card.

Emirates ID card registration form

Finally, ID & nationality produced the Emirates ID card registration form in order to reflect the visual identity of the Emirates and to make the procedures of customers easier. This was done within the context of accomplishing the strategic objectives of the authority, in accordance with the most recent advancements, and in order to satisfy the requirements of customers by meeting their needs.New features were added as part of the development process. These new features included "redesigning the form in the form in accordance with the visual identity of the authority," adding a personal photo of the applicant, adding a response code to track the status of the application, and adding a section that is dedicated to the next procedure. Additionally, it featured the addition of the name of the organization that was responsible for delivering the identification card to the customers, the addition of the response code for the client's voice platform, and the addition of a response code that enables the customer to change the date of the fingerprint identification method.

Create an account in the digital identity

Registration, creating an account in the digital identity, selecting the service for issuing the residence permit and ID card, submitting the application, reviewing and updating the retrieved data, paying the fees, and finally receiving the card through the smart application are the four steps that the authority has identified as being necessary in order to issue the residence permit and ID card in an easy and convenient manner. These steps can be accessed through the unified form on the authority's website or through the smart application.

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