The UAE announces it is thwarting serious cyber attacks by terrorist groups.. Details

The United Arab Emirates has made an announcement stating that it is preventing serious cyberattacks by terrorist organizations.

The United Arab Emirates successfully thwarts terrorist organizations' attempts to launch cyberattacks.

At this point, both the names of these terrorist organizations and the locations of their cyberattacks have been determined and dealt with.

The United Arab Emirates (UAE) successfully thwarted terrorist organizations' attempts to attack a number of important and strategic sectors within the nation through cyberattacks, according to certification from the United Arab Emirates Cyber Security Council.

The council reported that all appropriate authorities were involved in the nationwide activation of cyber emergency systems.

These security systems were able to reject these terrorist cyberattacks in a professional and effective manner, and they were also able to discourage anyone who might consider messing with the security of the country.

The names of these terrorist organizations, as well as the locations of their cyberattacks, have been determined and dealt with in accordance with the protection systems and cybersecurity policies that have been implemented.

The council emphasized that all national teams are continuing their efforts to strengthen the digital ecosystem of the country in accordance with the best practices and international standards that pertain to this matter.

The United Arab Emirates possesses a highly developed digital infrastructure that is able to provide a flexible and speedy response to any and all cyberattacks.

The UAE Cyber Security Council issues important instructions to the public.

The United Arab Emirates Cyber Security Council communicates urgent instructions to the general public.

In order to avoid being a victim of potential cyberattacks, the authority also urged everyone to exercise caution and vigilance, including institutions connected to the government and the private sector.

In order to protect themselves from cyberattacks that could result in disruptions and breaches, they are strongly encouraged to be careful of the ever-evolving hacking and electronic fraud tools.

In addition, it emphasized the significance of protecting personal information, avoiding the disclosure of such information through untrusted links or messages that are unknown, utilizing only official channels for communication, exercising caution when dealing with emails, and avoiding opening links until their legitimacy has been verified.

Strongly emphasizing the paramount necessity for vital sectors to engage in active mitigation of cyberattacks through the expeditious deployment of robust protection systems, the rigorous enforcement of established cybersecurity policies, and the timely reporting of any suspicious electronic activity with the potential to cause harm to their systems and electronic environments to the designated authorities, the authority emphasized the importance of this matter.

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