The UAE announces a fine of up to 200,000 dirhams for residents and citizens

In order to prevent cheating in examinations, a federal law provides that individuals might be fined up to Dh200,000.

Any individual who is not a student and who commits any of the three acts that are prohibited before, during, or after the examinations is subject to the punishment. These include the following: printing, publishing, promoting, transmitting, or leaking information connected to questions, answers, or the substance of the test in any way; modifying answers or the grades that are granted; and impersonating a student in order to allow them to sit the examination in his or her place.

The statute was one of 73 pieces of federal legislation that were passed in various areas over the previous year.

Anti-fraud law and disruption of the examination system

The law that is intended to combat cheating and disruption of the examination system states that "anyone other than a student who participates or contributes as an original perpetrator or partner in causing... the commission of any of the acts stipulated (above) with his knowledge shall be punished with the same penalty." Other than students, this law applies to anyone who participates or contributes as an original perpetrator or partner.

In the event that the perpetrator is found guilty, they may be required to perform community service for a period of up to six months. This may be an additional penalty or it may be substituted for the fine.

Take disciplinary action

In the event that a student is detained for cheating, disciplinary actions will be taken against them. In accordance with the norms and regulations governing conduct that are now in effect at the Ministry of Education, educational authorities in each Emirate, and educational institutions, they shall be implemented.

One definition of cheating is "obtaining or attempting to obtain, give, or leak information related to questions, answers, or examination content by illegal means." This definition encompasses activities such as penetrating electronic examination systems, falsifying results, or the student possessing and using any information technology means or other illegal means in examination rooms and centers.

All educational institutions, whether they are public or private, including schools, universities, and colleges, are subject to the guidelines.

An experienced educator explained that a high level of integrity ought to be incorporated into the value system of an institution for all of its stakeholders, and that this integrity should not be compromised.

Abhilasha Singh, the Principal of Shining Star International, expressed that the school provides its teachers with training, during which the necessity of maintaining academic integrity is highlighted. Additionally, the same message is conveyed in the student handbook that is distributed to all students who are registered in the respective school. ± In addition, students are encouraged to engage in honest and open communication with their classmates through the use of experiential learning.

It was made clear by her that in cases of misdemeanour, these circumstances are not seen as opportunities to impose the most severe punishments, but rather as opportunity to educate children with compassion, directing them towards the right path in a manner that makes an imprint that lasts throughout their entire lives.

"However, misdemeanors that occur during the examinations are dealt with in a strict manner," Singh continued. Children are taught that their acts have consequences, and that they are responsible for those consequences. They are also taught that they must accept responsibility for their actions. The principles of honesty and integrity serve as the foundation for the entire educational system. Teachers are expected to be impartial and to maintain a high level of integrity, neither of which should be compromised under any circumstances.

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