The thunderstorm intensifies in the Emirates, and the authorities issue an orange alert for residents

As the thunderstorm within the Emirates continues to intensify, the authorities have issued an orange notice for the citizens of the Emirates.

Stunning rainbows have been sighted across the United Arab Emirates, prompting the issuance of an orange alert.

A strong thunderstorm in the Emirates.

The terrible weather conditions that were predicted to hit the United Arab Emirates this weekend have already begun.

Showers, a dark sky, and strong winds have greeted many people who woke up this morning in a number of different regions of the country, which have been buffeted by heavy rain and thunder overnight.

Everyone is strongly encouraged to remain inside. A number of events were canceled, and well-known recreational areas were shut down.

Considering that the poor weather is forecast to reach its climax today, Khaleej Times gives you the most recent reports from all throughout the United Arab Emirates.

In Dubai, neighborhoods were flooded, and it was seen that cars were submerged halfway through the process. Some locals went so far as to cover the tops of their cars with various materials and fabrics in order to protect their automobiles from being damaged.

As the rain stopped falling and the sky began to gradually clear up, inhabitants of some regions in the United Arab Emirates were able to watch a breathtaking rainbow. The rainbow consisted of all seven colors, and it brightened up an otherwise dismal and gray sky.

Because of the heavy rain that was falling across the United Arab Emirates, many people decided to stay inside their homes. However, several people from Muhaisnah decided to go out and enjoy the rain in Dubai.

Zaheer, a resident of Sharjah, happened to be driving through the Mleiha region when he came across this "river" in the middle of the desert. It was an uncommon sight, so he decided to stop and capture a video of it.

UAE authorities issued an orange alert for residents due to heavy rain.

An orange alert has been issued for all of the Emirates at this time. It is therefore anticipated that dangerous weather conditions will occur all over the country.

It was only half an hour ago when the orange warning was distributed to some areas. Almost the entire United Arab Emirates is now covered.

Reem Island and other areas of the Abu Dhabi islands began to experience heavy rain and strong wind gusts around three in the afternoon. In the meantime, Al Falah, Shakhbout, and Khalifa A, which are located in the outside regions of Abu Dhabi, had just light to moderate rainfall and wind.

There were a number of residential neighborhoods that appeared empty as a result of the local authorities' insistence that residents of the community should remain inside their homes unless it was "absolutely necessary."

Since the morning, the sky has been cloudy. For the following two days, we have packed the necessary items for our food supply. According to Hakkim, a resident of Hamdan, a well-known neighborhood in Abu Dhabi, while they are staying indoors, they are also taking pleasure in the brief rain that is falling outside their windows.
Due to the dam's overflow, a road that leads to Wadi Shawka in Ras Al Khaimah has been closed until further notice.

Through a video that showed police cars blocking the adventurous place, the RAK police department spread the word to the citizens of X that the location had been closed. The authorities have advised residents to stay away from specific areas, so they should think about not going there.

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