The Meteorological Center warns of a storm and heavy rain in the Emirates in the coming days

In the next few days, the Meteorological Center will issue a warning that the Emirates will be experiencing a storm and severe rain.

We anticipate a dust storm and heavy rain in several regions of the UAE throughout the following week.

Monday is expected to bring about a reduction in temperatures, particularly in western regions.

Last week, inhabitants of the United Arab Emirates were treated to beautiful weather as temperatures dropped dramatically after experiencing record rainfall, thunderstorms, and several hailstorms that were suddenly unexpected. The National Centre of Meteorology (NCM) has forecast that after a week of pleasant weather, residents of the United Arab Emirates (UAE) should prepare for intense rain and dust storms the following week.

An emergency affects the weather conditions in the Emirates.

If there is an emergency, the weather conditions in the Emirates will be affected.

A surface low-pressure system that is coming from the Southwest is currently having an impact on the nation. An extension of an upper air depression and a westerly trough are also present with this system.

According to the Weather Bureau, this weather phenomenon contributes to the movement of clouds coming from the west.

During the days of Sunday and Monday, the weather forecast calls for partly cloudy to cloudy conditions with a possibility of precipitation, which may be heavy in select regions, particularly those located in the north, east, and along the coast. When Monday arrives, temperatures are expected to drop, particularly in the western regions of the country.

A move from a southeasterly to a northwesterly direction is anticipated, with winds that range from light to moderate in intensity.

These occasionally become fresh, particularly when the weather is gloomy, which could cause the wind to blow dust and sand around.

Both the Arabian Gulf and the Oman Sea are expected to experience sea conditions that range from mild to moderate, with the possibility of getting rough on occasion.

Expected weather situation in the Emirates in the coming days.

The weather conditions that are anticipated to prevail in the Emirates for the next few days.

According to the authorities, the amount of rain that fell last week was comparable to what the United Arab Emirates (UAE) experienced thirty years ago. The country was flooded as a result of sudden clouds that poured severely, and as a result, employees were instructed to work from home, and schools switched to using alternative learning methods.

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