The Meteorological Center issues a warning to UAE residents regarding rainfall for 3 days

The United Arab Emirates Meteorological Center warned that the country will be affected by a surface depression extending from the southwest, with a depression extending into the upper layers of the atmosphere, with a chance of heavy rain for 3 days, starting on Wednesday.

The Meteorological Center explained that heavy rains will be accompanied by an air current from the west, with clouds flowing from the west at intervals.

Partly cloudy weather on Wednesday and Thursday

The UAE Meteorological Center issued a statement saying that the weather condition for next Wednesday and Thursday will be partly cloudy to cloudy at times in various areas of the country, with a chance of light to moderate rain, sometimes heavy, in some areas, especially the northern, eastern and southern regions.

The Center confirmed that active and sometimes strong northwesterly winds will begin to affect the west of the country on Thursday afternoon, with temperatures dropping and cloud amounts gradually decreasing on Thursday night.

The appearance of cumulus clouds and rain during the day

The Meteorological Center indicated that clouds are expected to appear next Friday in some eastern regions, which may be cumulus, with a chance of rain during the day.

Wind movement is light to moderate

It is also expected, according to what was announced by the Emirates Meteorological Center, that the wind movement will be southeasterly, light to moderate, gradually turning to northwesterly at noon on Thursday, and moderate to active and strong at times, especially at sea and with clouds, and will cause dust and dust.

The waves will also be moderate and become turbulent to very turbulent at times on Thursday in the Arabian Gulf, and light to moderate turbulence at night in the Sea of Oman.

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