Temperatures are falling in the Emirates and rain is expected in several regions

The Emirates are seeing a decrease in temperature, and precipitation is forecast for a number of places.

Temperatures will drop in the UAE in the coming hours.

Over the next few hours, temperatures in the UAE are expected to decrease.

The weather forecast for the United Arab Emirates is for a day with fair to partly overcast skies and a chance of light showers.

In the interior regions of the country, temperatures are expected to fall to a low of 14 degrees Celsius.

The National Centre of Meteorology has provided a forecast for today's weather, which predicts that it will be mostly clear to partly cloudy with occasional cloudy conditions over island regions and specific coastal districts.

In addition to an increase in temperature, there is a possibility of passing clouds and light rain.

Weather conditions in the UAE on Monday, March 18, 2024.

Weather conditions in the United Arab Emirates on March 18, 2024:

As the night progresses and Monday morning arrives, the weather will get more humid, and there is a possibility that fog or mist could build over certain inside locations.

The wind speed is expected to be light to moderate, and it will refresh at times. Both the Arabian Gulf and the Oman Sea will experience sea conditions that range from mild to moderate.

Internal regions of the country will experience temperatures that range from a low of 14 degrees Celsius to a high of 37 degrees Celsius.

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