Sharjah Authority Denies False Claims About Changes to Azan or Call to Prayer

Authorities in Sharjah have vehemently refuted online speculation alleging modifications to the azan, or call to prayer, within the emirate.

The Sharjah Government Media Office issued a robust declaration, stressing the paramount importance of accuracy and credibility in disseminating information. Emphasizing the necessity for individuals to authenticate sources and refrain from perpetuating hearsay, the authorities denounced recent assertions regarding the incorporation of additional phrases into the call to prayer in Sharjah as baseless and antithetical to the emirate's religious ethos.

Furthermore, the statement underscored Sharjah's unwavering dedication to upholding religious tenets as principal pillars that are inviolable. It reiterated the imperative of fostering respect, peaceful coexistence, and tolerance toward diverse faiths and denominations within the societal framework.

Legislation addressing rumor dissemination

The UAE maintains stringent regulations concerning the propagation of rumors and the dissemination of false information. Article 52 of Federal Decree-Law No. 34 of 2021 outlines the legal framework governing such offenses. Individuals found utilizing the internet to propagate false news, rumors, or misleading information contrary to official reports risk punitive measures, including imprisonment for a minimum of one year and a fine amounting to Dh100,000.

Moreover, instances wherein the dissemination of false news or rumors incites public discord against governmental authorities or transpires amid pandemics, crises, or natural disasters may warrant harsher penalties. Offenders could face imprisonment for a minimum of two years, along with a fine of Dh200,000.

The response from Sharjah's authorities underscores their firm stance against the dissemination of misinformation and the importance of upholding religious principles. Additionally, the legislative measures implemented in the UAE serve as deterrents against the spread of rumors and false news, safeguarding societal harmony and stability.

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