Sharjah announces the provision of a monthly subscription service for public parking services

Sharjah has made the announcement that it will be offering a monthly subscription service for parking services accessible to the public.

Sharjah has introduced a new public parking subscription that is valid for one month.

These provisions make it possible for individuals to get a personal subscription that covers two zones of their choosing.

The new subscription is an addition to the growing number of options that are already available to people as well as businesses. As a result of this new initiative, the government has demonstrated its dedication to enhancing urban transportation and streamlining services.

The cost of obtaining a monthly public parking subscription in Sharjah.

The amount of money required to sign up for a monthly subscription to Sharjah's public parking system.

A new public parking subscription service was introduced in Sharjah on Monday, with the intention of improving the services that are offered to both residents and companies. This makes it possible for anyone to acquire a personal subscription for a period of one month for the price of Dh166, which covers two zones of their choosing.

Following activation, a subscription comprises a paid parking service, which grants the subscriber, who may be an individual or a company, the ability to utilize public parking spots inside Sharjah city in accordance with the terms and conditions of the subscription. Subscription prices are subject to change based on the type of subscription that is being purchased.

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