UAE Police issues safety alert to all residents while crossing 4-lane roads

Abu Dhabi Police in the United Arab Emirates issued an urgent warning to all residents and citizens on its territory, regarding the danger of pedestrians crossing from places not designated for pedestrian crossing.

It is necessary for pedestrians to adhere to the safe crossing of the places designated for them, and to use the bridges and tunnels designated for this purpose. Additionally, it is necessary for pedestrians to adhere to the pedestrian traffic lights at intersections that operate in conjunction with the traffic lights to regulate the movement of cars. This call was made by the Abu Dhabi Police Department through its account on the social media platform X, which was formerly known as Twitter.

Abu Dhabi Police also warned of the danger of random crossing of the road, which is considered one of the main reasons for run-over accidents. She urged pedestrians to adhere to the correct crossing rules and ensure that the street is free of vehicles.

The police posted a video on its account on the x social media platform, and the video shows cars forced to slow down or swerve, as multiple clips showed pedestrians crossing the road from undesignated areas.

The video also shows many people casually crossing the main roads where vehicles pass quickly, and the Authority clarified that walking on the streets can cause run-over accidents.

The police explained that they are always keen to improve traffic safety conditions for pedestrians, which resulted in the construction of many bridges on internal and external roads, improving pedestrian crossings, creating surface paths governed by traffic lights, and closing gaps by constructing fences on various roads in order to enhance their safety.

She emphasized that the responsibility for the security and safety of pedestrians is shared between the pedestrians themselves and the drivers who are on the roads. She urged drivers to pay attention to pedestrian crossings on the roads and to commit to reducing their speeds.

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