Meteorology: An important warning of a new depression accompanied by thunderstorms within two days

This week, the country will be impacted by a surface depression moving from the southwest, along with a westerly air circulation in the upper atmosphere causing cloud formation, as stated by the National Center of Meteorology. Cloud cover is anticipated to progressively intensify from the west on Monday and Tuesday, spreading across various regions of the country. The weather will have scattered cumulus clouds with intermittent rain of different intensities. There is a possibility of heavy rain accompanied by lightning and thunder in certain regions.

Monday's weather forecast from The Center anticipated dusty conditions with intervals of partly overcast to cloudy skies and scattered rainfall across the country. The winds will be southeasterly, ranging from moderate to strong on the sea, accompanied by active clouds. They will cause dust and reduce horizontal visibility, with variable speeds. Wind speeds will range from 15 to 30 km/h, increasing to 50 km/h over the sea, where moderate waves are present, occasionally becoming turbulent due to cloud activity in the Arabian Gulf and the Sea of Oman.

The weather forecast for next Tuesday predicts dusty and cloudy conditions with rain in different parts of the country. The winds will shift from south-easterly to north-westerly, ranging from moderate to brisk and becoming strong over the sea. Active clouds will cause dust and reduced visibility. Horizontally, it travels at speeds between 15 and 30 km/h, reaching 50 km/h over the sea, where there are turbulent to moderate waves in the Arabian Gulf and the Sea of Oman.

The center forecasts a decrease in clouds and rain starting next Wednesday, leading to partly cloudy and occasionally cloudy weather in the south. Temperatures will drop, and southeasterly winds will transition to northwesterly by Tuesday night. Winds will be moderate to active, occasionally strong, especially at sea and in cloudy conditions. Dust and dirt will reduce horizontal vision, causing moderate to tumultuous waves in the Arabian Gulf and the Sea of Oman, particularly when cumulus clouds are present.

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