How to report cars damaged by rain in the UAE and obtain a police certificate electronically

Instructions on how to obtain a police certificate electronically and how to report cars that have been damaged by rain in the Emirates.

Did heavy rains harm your vehicle? Start by obtaining your police certificate online.

Before, drivers were compelled to bring their automobiles to the police station that was closest to them so that they could be inspected first.

What is the procedure for obtaining an electronic police certificate in the Emirates for a vehicle that has suffered rain damage?

No longer is it necessary for residents whose vehicles were damaged as a result of floods or other natural disasters to bring their vehicles to the police station in order to get a "To Whom It May Concern" certificate; this need has been eliminated. Rather than that, they can just email a picture of the vehicle that has been damaged.

Drivers were asked to bring their vehicles to the local police station for inspection in order to establish the source of the damage. The application for the certificate has been available for quite some time on the website and app of the Dubai Police Department.

How do I obtain a police certificate for cars damaged by rain in the Emirates electronically?

On Monday, Brigadier Mansour Al Qargaoui, who is the director of the General Department for Administrative Affairs at Dubai Police, made the announcement that the application can be done entirely online.

He stated, "As of today, customers are no longer required to bring their vehicles to the police station because the service has been automated." They simply need to go to the website of the Dubai Police Department, submit an application for the certificate package service, select the 'To Whom It May Concern' service for natural disasters, and attach photographs of their damaged vehicle. After that, they will receive the certificate electronically for a fee of Dh95 within one to two business days.

Residents of Abu Dhabi can attend the police traffic departments in Abu Dhabi, Al Ain, and Al Dhafra to report rain damage to their vehicles and acquire certificates; these departments are located in Abu Dhabi.

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